Milan Metal Scrap & Used Batteries TR LLC is a socially responsible company providing its services to the organizations that are conscious and stringent about their corporate responsible role for the environment of community that they serve when dealing with the hazardous waste of used lead acid batteries.

Under the scope of activity for the collection of used lead acid batteries, we handle and manage the hazardous waste of used lead acid batteries and its continuous supply to world class recyclers around the world. Managing hazardous waste of used and defective lead acid batteries has become a global environmental concern and internationally countries have laid down comprehensive laws for its movement within and beyond borders for its recycling. Most importantly Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal is a complete guideline that is followed by our company along with local and federal laws related to our activity.

Serving the industrial community with our fully compliant service for the safe disposal of used lead acid batteries, we continue to evolve by having maximum clients from private and government corporate sectors within the country which includes global and local renowned brands from automotive sectors, construction industry, healthcare etc.

We are committed to the motto of having green sustainable environment for the community we serve, so we strive to make the industries learn about the benefits for not only themselves but also for the environment around them by conducting awareness campaigns about the safe disposal of used lead acid batteries. Not only that we do, but being a socially responsible company we also address to all stakeholders the expected risks when neglecting the importance of following standard compliance procedures and practices for the safe handling of used lead acid batteries consequently causing harm to the environment. 


Transportation will be made in a Municipality approved GPS tracked vehicle. By considering the used batteries as hazardous material therefore to make it safe we avoid the inner roads and use highways for bringing the materials to our facility.

Loading & Unloading

We have a capable, trained, efficient and dedicated technical staff for loading and unloading purposes. It may also involve light or heavy trucks, forklifts and other hazardous material handling equipment’s. As employers we ensure that employees use the appropriate combination of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, sturdy boots, gloves, thick clothing, and respirators if the operation generates hazardous dust.

Storage & Security

We have a dedicated and clean yard of 20,000Sqft fully fenced with Shed and office block, which is located in Sharjah, Al Sajaa Industrial Area. The yard is fully monitored with CCTV to ensure safety against theft (closed monitoring of all activities).


While shipping the used batteries, we fully protect all terminals against short circuits, acid leakage that can result in fires. These terminals are protected completely by covering them with an insulation or packing each battery in fully enclosed inner packaging to ensure exposed terminals are protected.

•             We make sure that the batteries are packed properly to keep them from being crushed or damaged which result in acid leakage.
•             We always keeps metal objects or other materials aside from the used batteries (though we dealing both ferrous and non ferrous metals)   that can short circuit batteries.
•             Finally these used batteries are palletized and wrapped with acid protective plastic and loading to the container for export.


To whom so ever it may concern, these used batteries are exported outside UAE for further recycling. We also here by confirm that we are registered with Dubai Customs and also have Hazardous Waste Export Permit for exporting used batteries issued by Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.